Tuesday, 16 December 2008

More high-concept/genre drama from the BBC

Ron Livingston to star in Defying Gravity for BBC Two

Ron Livingston (The Time Traveler's Wife, Sex And The City, Band Of Brothers) stars in Defying Gravity, a new adventure drama series from creator and Executive Producer James Parriott (Grey's Anatomy) and Executive Producer Michael Edelstein (Desperate Housewives).

The 13-part thriller begins filming in Canada in January 2009, and will broadcast on BBC Two later next year.

Set in the near future, Defying Gravity revolves around the exploits of eight astronauts from five countries (four men and four women) who undertake a mysterious six-year international space mission through the solar system.

With the eyes of the world upon them – everything they do is monitored and every emotion they feel scrutinised – they soon discover that their real assignment is not at all what they thought...

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