Tuesday, 2 December 2008

BAFTA Writers: Time Travel in TV Drama and Comedy

The BAFTA website has got about half-an-hour of video from a recent event in Cardiff, chaired by Laurence Marks and featuring Steven Moffat (Doctor Who), Ashley Pharoah (Life on Mars) and Maurice Gran (Goodnight Sweetheart).

Time travel drama has become one of the most popular television genres of recent years although it evades easy classification - Goodnight Sweetheart is a comedy, Life On Mars is a drama, and who knows how you categorise Doctor Who...

Be it backward or forward, time travel opens so many possibilities for a writer - nothing is off limits in a world where actions can be undone or revisited multiple times.

Highlighted by clips, these inspirational writers take us on a time travel journey sharing their motivations, inspirations and secrets as to what makes a successful British drama within the multiple worlds of time travel.

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