Thursday, 12 March 2009

Look out for that glacier!

After a bit of an enforced post-Whitstable hiatus, I've managed to put a bit of heat under Foot Soldiers again - just a page or two every couple of days, but I'm nurdling through some tricky stuff ahead of the next big set piece, which will hit the page pretty rapidly.

Although I'm a bit off my roadmap in terms of page count, I've been feeling on pretty good form with the stuff I've been doing. I've been sensing it clearly in cinematic terms - finding the right images, sounds, scene entry and exit points, etc.

My writing partner on Care and Control (social work drama series), who is currently undergoing some fairly heavy-duty medical treatment, is also now feeling up to having another pass at the script, so we're meeting on Monday to get that going again.

Finally, a fairly noteworthy agency has asked to read The Last of the Reality Police, my major MA script. That's obviously just like Chris Moyles taking his first step up Mount Kilimanjaro, but all you can ask for is for people to read your stuff, isn't it?

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