Thursday, 23 October 2008


Here's something new and exciting - a short film (nine minutes) what I wrote a few years ago.

IOU came about one day when my wife was late to meet me and I could sense my lunch hour slipping away. Out of nowhere came the thought of someone demanding an IOU for the time they had lost through someone else being late, which in turn got me wondering about how far someone might then go to reclaim that debt.

The film was made by Lucy Castle, as part of her (I think) Film & TV Production course at Salisbury College. She put a post on Shooting People looking for short scripts and I was the 'lucky winner'.

I wasn't really involved in the production but it all went fairly smoothly, though we had differing thoughts about the ending. She had something much darker in mind, while I wanted to keep it lighter. We eventually reached a compromise, but I still think it's a bit off-tone and prefer my original 'real' ending (the script is at

I haven't watched it for a couple of years, but I remember being pleased at how Holly (the female character) played out - I was worried that she was a bit shrewish on the page. I think I also enjoyed the bloke playing Barry.

Enjoy the fillum!

(Edit: Sorry, I've just noticed the volume level on this is really low.)

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