Tuesday, 3 January 2012

What Makes a Masterpiece? Stories and Film

This looks like it might be of interest to anyone who thinks about the art, craft and science of creating stories.

It's on More4 at 9pm on Saturday 7 January, but I'm guessing it'll be on the 4oD on-demand service afterwards.

WHAT MAKES A MASTERPIECE? 1/3: Stories and Film

We have always thought that the power of great art lies in its mysterious ability to move us. But now science is claiming to have discovered the secret to why we like what we like, and is challenging some of our most deeply held beliefs about the arts. 

Presented by Matthew Cain, Culture Editor of Channel 4 News, this three-part series explores the world of art through the prism of 'neuro-aesthetics': a field of scientific research that looks at how the human brain processes art. 

Each episode focuses on a different art form, as Cain explores some surprising theories about how art affects us and asks if neuroscience could radically change our attitudes to human creativity. This first episode looks at stories and film.