Friday, 28 November 2008

The more you despise me, the stronger I get

Oh well - the Red Planet dream dies for another year. Obviously the "powers that be" just couldn't handle the originality and searing intensity of our work. What are they so scared of?! And I bet they nick our idea. Anyway, I've always been more comfortable in the role of derided outsider. Their contempt is like a vitamin to me. Their sneering ridicule gives me strength. I shall will myself into a thing of steel and crush my opponents, and my victory will be sweet... <continues rant in endless single paragraph on Shooting People>.

Seriously though, it is a bit of a disappointment to go out. We hadn't spent as much time on the first 10 pages of Care and Control as we would have wanted (it was still pretty much a work in progress when the deadline came along), but I thought our pitch document was pretty promising. Maybe - as Lucy conjectures - they're looking for more high-concept ideas. Oh well - at least it gives us a bit of breathing space to pull the script apart and put it together stronger. Good luck to all you finalists!

In other news, here's my latest blog on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!:

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